Insulated 48 Hour Packaging & Ice w/ Expedited Shipping

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IN EXTREME SUMMER CONDITIONS: If you are considering the purchase of an insulated box in a state where the weather is currently experiencing extreme heat conditions, please consider opting for Next Day Air to avoid possible melting. 2 Day Air isn't working in these extreme heat conditions. If the package is in the back of a UPS truck all day, it will be melted. Next Day Air guarantees an earlier delivery time! Next Day Air is $45 instead of $25. Call if interested in this option!

***THIS PRODUCT IS INTENDED FOR ALL CUSTOMERS WHO'S TRANSIT TIME WOULD BE LONGER THAN 2 DAYS FROM CALIFORNIA. ***If purchasing this product, a $25 2-Day shipping charge will be added at checkout to all shipments where the transit time from California is more than 2 days. This cost is only the cost to ship your package over and above what we would have paid for regular shipping. We have chosen this option so that our customers realize that this product isn't one worth choosing without 2-day shipping. Is it also important to note that this isn't a guaranteed delivery by UPS. They only guarantee Next Day Air at this time. 

***Please note that these shipments are only shipped Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday.

12x12x12 -fits approximately up to 10 standard protein bar boxes.

****If you are considering the purchase of an insulated in a state with weather currently above 100° consider opting for Next Day Air to avoid possible melting. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Debra Hance
Great customer service

Had question regarding my order, very prompt response back and I received my order quick. Definitely will order again. Thank you.

Victoria H
Keeps everything fresh

It was worth the extra money to get the insulated box. My items arrive fresh and undamaged.

Debra Morrison
Terrific Bars With Terrific Heat Barrier

I've ordered Healthwise Rockie Road Bars for years and loved them. They have been my secret weapon to eating candy bars, since they taste so good and have so much protein. I have always had to order them in Winter, since I live in the Deep South and the chocolate would melt during delivery. However, with the option of one day - and I do mean ONE DAY! - delivery with ice packs, I received totally unmelted, cool bars ready for eating and enjoying. Even on a fixed income, the extra charge was worth it to receive the bars so quickly and in such great condition. I will be ordering again and again and again! Protein Wise - The Best For Less - has lived up to its name. One happy choco-holic!

Patrice Stevens

Ordered twice using cold service & 2 day shipping. Pricey but worked. Arrived on time & the protein bars didn’t melt at all.

Raffaella Sulmonte
Grossly overpriced

Since we are already paying for food items which are at going rate to ADD ON 15-30 dollars you should include that in pricing.

*California Proposition 65 WARNING: Consuming these products can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to