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Your online store for high protein foods and high protein/low carb snacks. Whether you are looking for high protein breakfast products that will fit into your weight loss program or high protein bars for everyday nutrition, we're confident you will find many to choose from in our ever expanding product line.

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Your one stop shop for all things Protein. Our main goal is to be known as doing one thing well…offering the Best Tasting, Top Selling, & Best Priced protein products online. Whether you are looking for products to fit into your weight loss program or just for everyday nutrition, we are hopeful you will find it here. ProteinWise….a great place to shop for all things PROTEIN.

Weight-loss and weight management products

Over the past 6 years we have offered many of the products you see on our website exclusively to our clinical weight loss patients…..until now!

ProteinWise grew out of a growing desire from our graduated dieters as well as their family and friends to continue to have access to their favorite protein rich, low carb products. With ProteinWise we can now offer these great tasting, medically formulated, weight loss products to anyone who desires to lose weight and get healthy. Our products are manufactured by the leaders in our industry, Healthwise & Bariatrix Nutrition. Our ProteinWise brand works great not only with the ProteinWise Diet, but is interchangeable with those products offered in other weight loss programs such as the Ideal Protein Diet, ITG Diet, Medifast, Nutrisystem, Atkins and Lindora just to name a few.

Lifestyle and Nutrition | ProteinWise

We all know that Protein is a vital component in maintaining optimal health.

The issue for most people is that they find it difficult to consume the necessary grams of protein their bodies require each day. With our ever expanding selection of high quality brands you will find delicious tasting protein products that will fuel your body with the right combination of protein, carbs and fats. Our goal with our lifestyle and nutrition products is to offer the best quality proteins that will accommodate many specialty diets, all at an affordable price.

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