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Are you purchasing some Chocolate Candy or Chocolate Protein Bars? We now offer the option to have your package shipped in an insulated bag with cold packs.

This packaging process will only allow the contents to stay cool for up to 48 hours! If you would like to receive your package within 2 days, please call us at 1-866-887-1008. We can tell you then what the extra shipping cost would be over an above what we would pay for standard delivery and process this additional charge over the phone. You may be surprised to see that it won't cost as much as you may think!

*Please choose your size according to the number of bar boxes on your order. We will put as many boxes into the size box you purchased. 

8x8x8 - fits approximately 4 to 5 standard protein bar boxes.

10x10x10 - fits approximately up to 9 standard protein bar boxes.

12x12x12 -fits approximately up to 15 standard protein bar boxes.

We suggest that you place your order for insulated shipments on Monday or Tuesday.  Shipping on these days will eliminate your package sitting in the shippers facility over a weekend. If ordered by 3:00 pm, the order will ship on the same day.

If you decide not to choose the insulated shipping option, we offer the following suggestions to help minimize the possibility of receiving melted or softened items:

1. Always place your order earlier in the week.
2. Avoid packages being left outside by having your order delivered to your work address or an alternative location such as a neighbor’s home.

Should melting occur, there is a quick and simple solution. Simply place the unopened box of bars in the refrigerator for about an hour, minimizing the handling of individually wrapped products as much as possible. Items will re-harden with no loss of nutrition or taste, although appearance may be slightly altered.


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Not receiving melted bars!

The ice packs worked well! Yes, the ice packs melted, but it's over 100 degrees out there! The insulated bag did help, keeping the boxes cool, not refrigerated cool, it's over 100 degrees outside! I live in California so the box doesn't travel to far. The ice packs are reusable! Nice to have for lunches,and shopping trips. I will purchase the insulated bag again!
And Thank you Mary for the samples and awesome packaging!

Virgie Szymanski
packaging worked

The additional packing to keep bars from melting worked. Glad I added the additonal packaging.

Arianne Overholtzno
Make sure to check shipping

I purchased these and they did not arrive cold and the ice packs were completely warm, however I made the mistake and clicked the wrong shipping time. Make sure to do the 48 hours and then this works great

Beverly Everding
Did not stay cold.

I would not waste my money on this again. The bag was cold, but the products were fine.

Thank you Beverly for your honest review. It is important to make all who purchase this 48 hour insulated box that if you don't pay for 2 day shipping, it isn't worth the investment as your ice will be melted upon arrival.


Love the packaging! It helps the bars from melting in the summer heat-even though the ice pack are melted by the time I received my protein bars.

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