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Chike Nutrition High Protein Iced Coffee - Cinnamon

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If your looking for an alternative coffee flavor with a kick of taste, look no further than Chike’s Cinnamon Iced Coffee. With it cinnamon and spiced flavor, it provides a bold taste to your cup of coffee that doesn't compromise your weight loss journey. Start your morning with this supercharged coffee. Chike’s High Protein Cinnamon Iced Coffee provides 2 shots of high quality espresso. This treat will not only give you your caffeine fix, but being packed with protein makes this product a winner.

With 20 grams of high quality Non-GMO whey protein, 3 Net Carbs, and only 1g of sugar, how can you go wrong? Don't forget that protein is crucial in your weight loss journey by helping you maintain a healthy weight, building lean muscle, and curbing hunger.

Also available in single serving packet.

Product Highlights:

~ Gluten Free

~ 20 Grams Protein

~ 3 Net Carbs

~ Low Fat

~ No Added Sugar

~ Vegetarian Friendly

~ No Artificial Colors or Flavors

Nutritional Facts

Serving Size: 2 scoops (30g)

Servings Per Container: 14

Amount Per Serving
Calories: 120
Total Fat: 2.5g
Saturated Fat: 1g
Trans Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 30mg
Sodium: 100mg
Total Carbohydrates: 4g
Dietary Fiber: 0g
Sugars: 1g
Protein: 20g
Vitamin D: 0%
Calcium: 8%
Iron: 0%
Potassium: 6%

Non-GMO Whey Protein Isolate, Non-GMO Whey Protein Concentrate,Coffee, Sunflower Oil, Natural Flavors, Sodium Caseinate, Sea Salt, Xanthan Gum, Caffeine, Sucralose. Contains: Milk.

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