Healthy Protein Ideas for Kid's Lunch Boxes

Healthy Protein Ideas for Kid's Lunch Boxes

Protein has an essential function in the human body. Like adults, children need protein for their necessary growth and body function. Often, parents face difficulty getting their kids to eat healthier foods, but there are many snacking and meal options for toddlers, kids, and families to enjoy without any hassle. 

Eating is enjoyable, and when it comes to your kids, you'll want to know what the options are and how to navigate through their likes and dislikes. Because protein is a building block in the body, it’s even more important to begin incorporating it into their diets sooner than later. On average, toddlers need two servings of protein each day. For children (ages 4 to 9), it is recommended to intake 19 grams of protein each day. A growing child needs good protein intake to create new tissues, produce antibodies that help fight infection, and promote muscle growth. 

Incorporating too much protein into a growing child's diet is also essential to avoid unnecessary weight gain and even organ damage. Continue reading to learn great ways to incorporate healthy servings of protein into kids' lunches.  

Lunch Options 

Protein is found in many kinds of foods. Young children normally don't eat as much as older kids because their stomach is smaller. The following are some great child favorites all packed with protein.

Protein-Rich lunch ideas:

Consuming enough protein is essential for living a healthy lifestyle, regardless of our stage of life. Knowing great ways to incorporate the necessary servings of different food groups can help you plan and discover foods that your child can eat. 

Protein Snacks 

Another great way to incorporate protein into kids' lunch boxes is through snacks. Many toddlers and young children don't sit too often for a complete meal. Instead, they snack when hungry or in between meals, which is a great time to sneak in their needed protein intake. 

 Protein snack ideas for kids:

Protein wise offers many protein-rich food products to help you prep and plan your child's healthy meal plan. Maintaining nutrients and a balanced diet may seem tricky for kids, but there are great ways to encourage healthy foods and servings. 

Don’t get discouraged

We all know that navigating through parenting can be tricky. Especially when a kid reaches a stage of wanting independence, and with that comes their do's and don'ts in food preference. 

Trying different kinds of protein rich foods with healthy alternatives to sweets and candy can be fun.