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Nice taste and feel. Good to see more reasonable choices for those of us that rely on you.


I love the flavor and the density of the bar. It takes awhile to eat and enjoy.

They are exactly what you need to satisfy the need for a crunch. I use them with hummus

Wonderful product will e trying other products soon


I love this protein drink. Sometimes I use it as creamer in my coffee, sometime I freeze it for a bit and make it icy, and other times I just enjoy it, especially when I am craving something sweet.

A little sweet

The dressing is on the sweet side. I use it as a marinade base and add a little Dijon mustard or crushed red pepper flakes to give it a little punch.

Really tasty soup

Has a nice flavor with a bit of a kick. Of note, will need to sit for a while to rehydrate the chicken pieces. (unless you like gnawing on them)

One of the better protein shakes

Doesn't taste plastic, doesn't have an obnoxious artificial sweetener taste. Awesome mixed with coffee.

Delicious crunchy snack/meal

Love these! Taste like real pretzels, but lower in salt and with the extra bonus of 12 g of protein. Definitely hit the spot. One of the few snacks that don't taste like "pretend" food

Summer deliveries

I collected my order directly from the delivery driver. The bars were warm and it created a sticky situation with the bars. When I went looking, there is an option to select insulated shipping. I wish it presented this option when I ordered that last batch. The melting doesn’t affect taste but a % of the bars are lost to the wrapper.

Best Mocktail

These are all the taste with added protein. Just like a pina coloda


These bars are very tasty and chewy.

Salty and Tasty

Just what you want in your chip - pickle flavoring. I bought it to try and love it.

Pickle nut!

I love pickles! And I love crunchy snacks! These are amazing!

Simply delicious!

These are amazing! I love the taste and the crunch. They are so good that my husband chooses them over his regular sweets.

Great flavor and very crunchy

This is a great product. I’m always craving something crunchy and this does the trick. My cholesterol is high right now and I have a reaction to sugar and these chips have zero cholesterol and only two sugars. Great snack!


Like eating a candy bar.


These are really good but hard to swallow.

Great to dip

These little pretzels are great to take with you to use as a dipper!!

Proteinwise Cheddar Curls

They are not too cheesy, and they have a good crunch. I like them.

Salted Toffee Pretzel Bars

These bars taste like rice krispie treats. They are a bit sweet for me, but a great snack when you want something to chew and something sweet. A satisfying snack.

Ranch chips

I like these chips but would like more of a ranch taste

Cheddar chips

Satisfying love the taste would order again

In love!!!

This cappuccino is absolutely delicious! I actually used it as a shake with water and ice and it was so yummy! So happy I stumbled upon this!