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Great taste!

This chocolate cereal is super tasty and very satisfying! It's on my regular order schedule.

Super Good!

This Hot Cocoa with cinnamon is the perfect blended taste of two of my favorite flavors! Really enjoying especially on cool days!

Delicious Oatmeal!

My first time trying this oatmeal flavor and I was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was! Will definitely be ordering this one on a regular basis!

Great product

Tastes great and mixes so well into my coffee. No clumps!

Great product

Taste great and I eat it every weekday!

Great crunchy snack!

:ove these and the BBQ flavor

Fantastic! Delicious!

Thank you! Finally a zero carb shake! What’s more it tastes great! You are genius! I simmer a big batch in a pan over the stove like hot chocolate then store it in the refrigerator and it’s ready to drink any time - great as hot chocolate!

Great sweet snack

Love this product. Such great taste!

Too many harmful chemicals.

I unfortunately had to throw this away. Too many bioengineered chemicals not disclosed when ordering.
Too harmful.

My favorite bars!

These are my favorite! Love the texture and taste. Also not too many carbs!

These were too sweet to me and didn't have a fruity taste

Excellent in coffee!!

I mix this with my morning coffee. Super good!!

So Good!

Can’t get much better for 30 calories! Love them.

One of the best tasting

I think these are one of the best tasting protein bars, but they do not have as much protein as some other things for the amount of calories. But the taste makes them worthwhile. Raspberry and lemon are the best.

Not the best taste

Looks like it’s going to be really good but taste like protein powder. Better than some, but not nearly as good as Kay’s.

Hot cocoa

Excellent taste, doesn’t taste chalky at all. Will buy again.


This item looks nothing like it does on the package. tastes terrible. most disappointing item i have bought and will never order again.
In fact after one bar the other 11 went in the trash.

Love these pancakes. Combine with the blueberry pancake for a real treat.

Great chocolate taste with a super crunchiness.

Good breakfast

The cereal tastes great and is filling. The high protein content keeps me satisfied. A winning combination!

Love my Proteinwise cereal

I found this cereal as I am trying to follow macros in my diet. Usually breakfast is high in carbs and low in protein unless you eat eggs everyday. The Cocoa cereal is wonderful and the macro content is just what I was looking for. I've keep my macros at 40% protein and 30% carbs and fat for several months and have easily lost 18lbs. I also workout using (HIT) High intensity Training twice a week. Proteinwise has really help me achieve my goals and it's really good!


It’s delicious and much easier from the jar instead of the packet.


I bought a little waffle maker and make two waffles with this.. I LOVE THIS! my favorite. gotta have


I think of this as my reeses peanut butter cup.. chocolate, peanutbutter.. YUMMMMM