Refer A Friend Details



Referring a friend to ProteinWise is easy. By sharing our website with your friend they will save $10 on their first qualifying order of $75 or more. Once their order is placed, 1000 points ($25 value) will be added into your Loyalty account. Follow these simple steps.


  1. Start by signing into your account. Once you are signed in, click on the Protein Loyalty Points tab. On a desktop, this tab will be located on the right side of your screen. If on a mobile, this tab will be on the bottom of your phones screen. Some phones require you to scroll up for the tab to appear.


  1. Once signed in, you will see your Loyalty Account information. You will want to scroll down the page until you see Share With Friends. Here you will find your unique referral URL. This is the URL that your friend will need so that they can get the referral discount code. You can copy this code and send it to them in a personal email or there will also be Facebook, Twitter, and email icons at the bottom of the page where you can share the referral URL with them through these outlets.


  1. Your friend will want to enter this unique URL into the search bar where it will bring up the rewards pop-up automatically. When the pop-up loads, it will ask them to enter their email address for the discount code. After they have entered their email address, their customer information is checked against our current customer accounts. Once this has been verified they will receive their discount code. The discount will only be valid if they are a new customer. Please note that a customer can only have one account regardless of how many emails they use. If multiple emails are used to create new customer accounts, the code will not be valid.


  1. Points will automatically be rewarded to your account only if the referral friend used the link sent to them from your referral account and makes a qualifying first time purchase with ProteinWise. 1000 Protein Points will automatically be applied to your account if their order is successfully made. Your friend will receive a $10 off coupon and you will receive points valued at $25. It is a Win-Win situation!                                                                                                                                                                                  
  2. Please note that in order to refer-a-friend you must have made a purchase of your own. In addition, your referred friend must be from a household other than your own and must be someone who has never shopped at