Your High Protein Foods List Defined

Your High Protein Foods List Defined

Choose the best options available through the ProteinWise website.

So, you want to live a healthier lifestyle, and it involves making better choices about the foods you eat and avoid. One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase your health is by choosing high protein foods to eat for meals and snacks. That way, you feel satiated and are less likely to binge on junk food.

Foods with Large Amount of Protein in Them

High protein foods that you’ll want to include in your diet are eggs, chicken breast, almonds, oats, cottage cheese, yogurt, broccoli, tuna, and lentils. You can add these items to your meals and snacks rather easily. You’ll also find our website helpful as we have prepackaged items that the manufacturer portions out for easy calorie counting.

Some of the highest protein foods available through our online storefront include:

  • ProtiDiet Spaghettini. With 15 grams of soy protein, it’s an option perfect for vegetarians and vegans wanting to enjoy pasta but not pay the price by consuming too many carbohydrates. A box of the delicious entrée offers seven ready-to-prepare packets that make eating on the go easy. You can easily pack one away in your lunch bag and take it to school or work.
  • ProteinWise Vegetable Chili with Beans. Like the Spaghettini, you can enjoy 15 grams of protein with every serving that you eat of this delicious entrée. Packed full of fiber, you can stave off hunger pangs rather quickly by reaching for a pouch of this delicious meal option. There are seven packets to a box, making it a healthy and affordable choice for you to eat regularly.
  • Single Shot Protein Crangrape. If you love the taste of juice but don’t want to drink all the sugar, opt for a delicious drink like this one. It provides you with outstanding options to meet your needs. Each bottle contains the equivalent of one shot’s worth of protein. You’ll get 15 grams, which is more than you can say from your regular cranberry or grape juice.
  • Proti Max Lemon Raspberry Smoothie. A refreshing smoothie is full of carbohydrates and little protein. Not this option! It has a whopping 20 grams of protein and tastes incredibly delicious. Comes in a pack of 6 or explore other flavors that we carry.

  • When considering foods to eat for meals and snacks, make sure to read the nutrition facts label to learn how much of the vital macronutrient each serving has in it. That way, you’re able to up your intake of protein without increasing the amount of sugar, sodium, and carbohydrates that you consume. Your goal of losing weight becomes that much easier because you’ll feel full longer by making the vital building block of the body a priority.

    The ProteinWise Storefront is Full of Nutritious and Delicious Options

    Get your protein rich foods and beverages through our online storefront. You’ve got plenty of options to meet your needs and to exceed your high expectations for flavor, texture, and variety. Take a look at all the options awaiting you by selecting the type of food or drink that you’re most interested in buying.