Eat More of the Right Kinds of Breakfast Foods

Eat More of the Right Kinds of Breakfast Foods

A protein-packed punch is exactly what is needed to kickstart your day.

If you want to become more of a morning person, there are some things you can do to change your routine. The first is getting up earlier, so you have time to do something you enjoy before rushing around. The second is to swap out your old breakfast foods for something healthier and more satisfying. Among the best options available are protein-packed cereal, pancakes, and oatmeal.

Full of fiber too, they make you feel full longer without weighing you down the way a big breakfast does. By switching up what you eat, you’re able to get more bang for your nutritional buck because you have less of a need to snack to help you make it to lunchtime. Knowing what to eat and when makes a world of difference in stabilizing your blood sugar and preventing the crash that comes with carb-heavy foods. Best of all, the protein-filled options are familiar, so you’ll find that they satisfy your cravings as well.

Here is what makes our cereal, pancakes, and oatmeal diet-friendly.


Protein Cereal comes in flavors such as Cinnamon Vanilla, Mixed Berry, and Rich Cocoa. Cereal is a quick breakfast that you can take with you on the go. With 15 grams of protein each serving, you’ll soon see why this low glycemic and low calorie breakfast option rocks.

Tip: Add almond milk to your cereal for extra protein and flavor. You’ll find some brands come in individual containers, which are perfect for when you’re on the go.


If you love pancakes, especially the flavored varieties, you’re in luck. ProteinWise Blueberry Protein Pancakes and Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes satisfy your sweet tooth while remaining diet-friendly. You get a boost of protein with this low-carb, low-calorie, and low-fat morning meal.

Tip: Make extra pancakes and freeze them. You can thaw them out and reheat them whenever you’re short on time.


If you enjoy adding your own fruits, nuts, and seeds to your oatmeal, our Classic High Protein Oatmeal is perfect for that. You can also enjoy Apple Cinnamon, Maple Brown Sugar or Peaches & Cream. ProteinWise instant oatmeal comes in convenient one serving packets which can be made in the microwave at work to enjoy at your desk while you complete projects.

Tip: Keep a box of instant oatmeal in your desk at work for a quick breakfast food that satisfies your hunger.

Important choices concerning the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day because it refuels the body after a night of rest. The choices that you make in regard to the foods you eat can make a difference in the way you look and feel. When you choose protein-packed options opposed to carb-filled options, you’ll have sustainable energy that helps you power through the day.

Eat more of the right kinds of breakfast foods. With ProteinWise, it’s easy! Choose from our protein-packed options online right away. You’ll feel less hungry between meals and have the energy needed to successfully power through your day.