Consuming Whey Protein Before Bed is the Way to Go!

Consuming Whey Protein Before Bed is the Way to Go!

Enjoy a better night’s sleep by drinking a delicious and nutritious shake.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a whey protein shake before bedtime invites better and sounder rest. If you’ve had difficulty sleeping in the past, you know how it negatively affects your performance. You can find yourself groggy, irritable, and definitely not clear minded leaving you to make decisions automatically without taking time to really think them through.

The Many Benefits of Whey Protein

The benefits of drinking a shake before calling it a night are well documented. In fact, if you want to burn fat fast, whey protein is the way to go. It’s packed full of amino acids which help increase your metabolism. That means that you’ll burn calories even when you’re asleep. Now, how’s that for multitasking?

It repairs muscles.

Whey protein helps repair your muscles, too. If you’ve trained hard throughout the day, you’ll need a fast way to recover. Because most of the recovery that you do is done during sleep, the protein that comes from whey is essential. The macronutrient does its part to keep the muscles in good shape so you’re ready for your next workout.

It gives you energy the morning after.

If you need to wake up earlier, you’ll have more energy to do so. Your blood glucose levels will be stable, making it easier to get up and get things done. You won’t be groggy and hitting the alarm multiple times because you want to sleep longer. You’ll get out of bed, shower, and be ready to embrace the day and all it has to offer you.

It builds muscle.

Building muscle is far easier too because of the increase in amino acids you’ve consumed. When you eat and drink large quantities of protein, your muscles benefit. They grow in mass. You’re better able to maintain them because of your choice to drink a whey protein shake before going to sleep.

There are many benefits as noted to consuming whey protein at night. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to greet the day with energy. You can get up and workout right away because you’ve given your body the fuel that it needs to thrive. You’ll also feel more positive and energetic which helps you approach the day with a positive outlook.

Get Better Rest Each Night with a Delicious Snack Before Bed

Say hello to Mr. Sandman quicker at night by employing this one simple trick. Whey protein is the answer to better rest. You’ll get a good night’s slumber by mixing up a protein shake and drinking it before laying your head down on the pillow. If you’ve had difficulty in the past falling and staying asleep, this trick works wonders.

ProteinWise sells a large variety of flavors of whey protein for you to choose from. You’ll never grow tired of the shakes you drink because you can mix them up according to your needs and preferences for the day. Options include classic flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry as well as fruity flavors like orange and peach, or coffee and latte flavored choices. You can even mix the protein shake varieties to create your own flavor combinations.