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Just amazing

I can’t get enough of these wafers. I don’t get tired of them . Very delicious and perfectly work with my diet. Wafers with lemon . Vanilla and mocha tastes are also highly recommended.

Nice crunch

Very nice crunch and flavor. Fulfills the craving for a traditional flavored tortilla chip

Great tasting!

Love this product to eat for a snack after dinner. If you love chocolate this is a great product to help get your chocolate fix in!

Love this product!

Great product that helps curve hunger and test great! It is often out of stock:(

Nice shake

This is a nice shake for traveling with. Just add water and go!

It’s ok

This flavor is ok. I really like the caramel cafe better. I guess I don’t care for chocolate.

Great flavor!

I’ve tried this as a pudding. Now I want to try it in my coffee. The taste is so good. My favorite of all the shake flavors.

Very chocolatey

You will need something to drink with this bar. It’s not bad but it is a bit dry.

Absolutely delicious and filling. I highly recommend.

Ordered just one to try.

Will order again. When it’s girl scout season and you can’t have thin mints.

Slow delivery

Not yet received. I ordered having enjoyed a peanut butter bar at my sister’s. She warned me of slow delivery. It’s been more than two weeks since I ordered.

Great taste

One of my favorite bars so far.


Cappuccino vanilla is the best. I started using it about 7 yrs ago on a diet plan. Have kept with it ever since. Will never give it up. Lona

Love these bars!

I love the Caramel Sea Salt bars. If you like caramel with a crunch, you will love them also!

Heavenly Bars!!

I have a bit of a sweet tooth and have tried so many protein bars! Lemon Cream is by far my favorite flavor. Each bar is 160 calories, 6 grams of fat, Carbs are net 9 (which is acceptable) Sugar is low too. Protein 15 grams. This is my go to bar .

Hot chocolate protein powder

The perfect start to my morning! I put this in my am decaf and I'm good to go- no need for anything else until lunch.

Variety Pack of ProteinWise Bars

Its nice to have the variety and to be able to try new flavors of bars. I like all that I've tried.

Delightful treat for a sweets addict

This product helps tame the sweet craving by giving me a warm comfort twice a day. The only drawback is the design of the container. Hard to scoop out with adult size hands. This is a great protein for those who don't like that protein drinks taste. This is smooth and comforting. Soothes my tummy and sweet tooth.

Love it!

I love this protein powder and have incorporated it into my low carb, protein diet. I use it as a meal replacement for breakfast in the morning. The versatile vanilla base allows me to add cinnamon, pumpkin spice, or other flavor extracts like, almond, orange or coconut to mix it up without adding additional calories or sugar!

Almost as good as Starbucks

Loved this! Resembles a froofy Starbucks drink

Hot chocolate

Not my favorite. I like the classic cappuccino better

So far I have liked all the products I have ordered and the process of ordering and receiving went great. I just wish we either got a couple more of the products or definitely free shipping, I know that is what holds a lot of my friends and family from ordering from your site.

Fava chips

Great flavor! A very satisfying alternative to regular chips

Great in salads

Just a few makes a nice addition to my salads. Very flavorful.

Creamy peanut butter

Love this bar! Great snack that satisfies my desire for something sweet.