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Hot Chocolate - Variety Pack

I ordered the variety pack by mistake; however, I was able to taste some other flavors so I did enjoy all flavors except the Amaretto. It will be a nice change from the Classic Hot Chocolate. Arizona temps will soon prefer cold beverages as I'm not a morning coffee or tea person. Will certainly order the cold protein drinks.


These are a great little snack .

So good !

These are so good , you won’t believe they’re actually good for you.


I love these and have ordered them several times. Great company and service .

Bacon, Mac & Cheese

Delicious and very satisfying for a quick lunch. Prefer heating in a sauce pan since my microwave wattage is too high and it must be watched closely to prevent boiling over.

Strawberry Kiwi protein drink

Found this drink very refreshing and satisfying. I prefer less flavor than some others so I would definitely order again.

So satisfying

Love this product, taste, texture and overall great bar - just wish cheaper

Caramel crunch bars

These are great!!! We have had them before and they are always consistent. Just like a candy bar but healthier. :)

Delicious meal replacement ♥️

Great pick me up in the late afternoon

Underwhelmed with the flavor of this one.

Love red velvet. My new favorite

Legendary Foods - Cookies and Cream - Tasty Pastry - 10 Pack

Taste great

Essential minerals

Good source of minerals, including iron.

Reasonably priced

Easy to swallow and no after taste.


These are well priced and taste great! I’ll definitely be purchasing them again!!

Protein hot chocolate

It was delicious and the right amount of sweetness!

Good protein bar, could be more resistant to melting

Good nutrition. Reasonably good taste for a protein bar. Texture lacking, but that is expected in a peanut butter product. Would be 5 starts if they could formulate it so that it could last a few more minutes in a shirt pocket without melting and still keep the taste.

My favorite protein bar

Pleasant taste. Excellent texture and mouth feel. Good snack. Filling enough to be a meal replacement.

Too much like a candy bar for me

Purely preference, but it is too sweet for my taste in protein bars.

Marshmallow hot chocolate

This is by far my favorite hot chocolate mix offered. I have it daily with my collagen powder. I even drink this when not following the protocol strictly simply because I enjoy it so much!

Not a fan

Sorry but I like the protein,wise vanilla drink packets better.


I have liked every Built Bar flavor!

Great powder wish you had chocolate

Great powder! Wish you had it in choose well