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A nice treat

It's a little sweet but I add a little coffee to it.

Fantastic!!! Love this bar with coffee in the morning, or at lunch or dinner!!


Not my favorite lite entree they sell, but not bad either.

Great substitute

Great substitute for curing my pretzel need. I'll definitely order more!

Very Good!

I’m mot big on cinnamon but these were good. Wanted something different than my chocolate go to

I love these

I have these for breakfast. They’re not too sweet and give me a crunch which is good

I did not like these

I’m going to stick to the chocolate and peanut butter ones

Good treat

I liked these. They had a little crunch to my pudding.

Excellent product

I love this! I enjoy the taste and have even shared a container as a gift!


These Ave a nice rich chocolate flavor.


I like Built bars. This has a nice chocolatey coffee flavor! Good afternoon pick up!


I like these a lot! The bag holds plenty, so it’s a great snack. Super crunchy and cheesy.

Almond Pudding

Good flavor, not too sweet. Zero sugar & low carb!!

I would have loved them except they had krispies in the. That is just my personal preference.cothet wise the rest tasted good.

Yummy and luxurious

Wonderful taste,. creamy and crunchy. Just wondering how they fit with Ideal protocol= but will buy again and again!

Good light breakfast

Perfect for a grab and run breakfast with a cup of coffee or hot tea. Will purchase again

Fluffy Vanilla Crisp Bar

A good afternoon snack. I like the flavor and the lower sugar content. I will definitely purchase again.

Chocolate Drinks on the go

Quick and easy to have on hand.
One of my favorite afternoon snacks!

Chocolate Instant Protein Drink

Perfect on the go
Love having these on hand

BEST tortilla chips (Move over Doritos!)

All of the Quest chips are outstanding. My favorite in order are Sweet Chili, Loaded Taco, Chili Lime, Nacho, Ranch. I don't eat Sour cream and Onion nor anything super hot so I can't speak to those.

chocolate coconut bars

I really like the coconut bars very much. They are nice & chocolatey & chewy. I do wish they had just a bit of real coconut in them. I miss that crunch the coconut gives.


Awesome tast and crunch.

Salt and Vinegar Chips Do Bot Disappoint

I am so glad these were the sample that I received. YUM!!! My daughter who loves Salt and Vinegar everything approves as well!


This is really good. I add some veggies and ground turkey. It's delish!