Why You Should Make Water Your Beverage of Choice

Why You Should Make Water Your Beverage of Choice

Becoming a healthier version of yourself begins with small and smart decisions repeated daily. 

It may sound cliché, but water is life. Without it, your body couldn't survive for long. All the necessary functions the organs do are reliant on H2O. Water is a major part of how your body works, from breathing to regulating your body's core temperature.

To illustrate the importance of the substance, we've created a list of reasons why you should make water your preferred beverage going forward. There are many compelling reasons why H2O should be the majority of what you drink each day. Without it, your body suffers, and it's much harder for you to shed excess weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Let's begin with why water is the best diet aid available.

Water is Filling and Assists with Dieting

One diet trick that doesn't get enough hype is drinking lots of H2O. The no-calorie beverage helps cleanse the body of impurities and makes you feel full. Drinking water before and with meals can help you eat less and reduce the number of calories you consume at any given time.

H2O Gives You the Energy to Power Through Your Workouts

You're also able to get a second wind while working out when you make water your beverage of choice. Sweating causes water loss and depletes your energy levels. When you sip on your refillable water bottle, you're able to replenish some of the fluid you've sweated out and give your body the push that it needs to complete your workout session.

Water Costs Little to Drink and is Available Wherever You Go

Water is virtually free, easy to access, no-calorie, and cleansing. It's a vital part of every important function of the body, too, which is why you should be very conscientious about how much water you drink daily. If you feel hungry all of a sudden, it's likely due to thirst, not hunger.

H2O Assists Digestion

If you don't want to feel bloated or constipated, you'll need to be conscientious about how much H2O you consume. According to the Mayo Clinic, men and women have different hydration needs. For example, men need 15.5 cups of water a day, whereas women need 11.5 cups to operate optimally. Twenty percent of all fluid intake can be through foods and beverages besides water, but the remaining eighty percent should be strictly H2O.

Water is the Key to Healthier Skin

Your skin benefits from an increase in water consumption, too. It's less dry because you've moisturized it from the inside out. You're also flushing out toxins that cause breakouts and other skin issues resulting from diet and environmental factors. You'll notice a difference in how plump and youthful your skin feels when you start drinking more water regularly.

H2O is the Solution to Better Health and Well-Being

Get your fill of clear, health-supporting H2O each day. Like protein and other vital substances that promote your well-being, it's a necessary part of your daily diet. Without water, your body becomes dehydrated, your thoughts become hazy, and you're not able to lose the weight that you hoped you would by dieting.