We Offer a Variety of Protein-Packed, Diet-Friendly Foods

We Offer a Variety of Protein-Packed, Diet-Friendly Foods

While on your journey to a fitter, healthier body, you’re going to find a lot of diet programs that claim their plan and products are the best for helping you lose weight. Many follow trendy diets where you omit this and include that. One of the most important ingredients many of these diet foods lack is adequate amounts of protein to maintain your muscle mass while losing weight. Even if the meals, snacks, and beverages have adequate protein, they may be too high in carbs. 

Protein is a Building Block of the Body

Protein is key to the development of the body, especially the muscle, bone, skin, hair, vital organs, and tissue. It is said that there are over 10,000 different proteins in the human body. That’s pretty remarkable when you think about it. So, the more protein you eat, the stronger your body becomes.

Healthier Substitutes Exist for Your Favorite Foods

The good part is that you can increase your protein intake by swapping out foods that aren’t as good for you for the brands sold by ProteinWise. They’re diet-friendly, delicious, portable, and priced to meet your budget. It’s an option you can live with!

Travel with a Protein-Packed Snack

You don’t have to go anywhere without having the right meal option or beverage on hand. You can easily grab a ready made Protein To Go which requires that you only add water to make up a quick protein shake. Convenient to carry in the car or keep at work, you can now have something easily on hand for those quick protein fixes. 

If you need a pick me up, skip the office coffee machine and opt for a Coffee flavored protein drink. It’s something you don’t have to feel guilty about because you’re getting 15-17 grams of protein in every serving, and with only 80-160 calories, you can’t go wrong. 

Satisfy Your Craving for Something Salty and Crunchy

If you’re a recovering potato chip addict, you don’t have to give up the crunch you once loved while trying to lose weight. The Protein Chips come in a number of flavors for you to enjoy. There is Barbecue, Ranch and Sea Salt & Vinegar. Our Double Bites come in Cheddar Cheese or Honey Mustard, and we even have the tangy Dill Pickle Krinkles. It’s completely up to you to try the foods that sound the most appealing to you and reorder them when your stock is running low. That way, you’re never without your favorite protein rich foods for long. Try our High Protein Snack Sampler Pack where you will be able to try 19 different snack options all high in protein and low in carbs.

Protein Helps You Achieve Your Diet Goals Quickly

Protein-packed foods and beverages are the key to your diet success. You don’t have to sacrifice flavor for the sake of losing a few pounds. You can enjoy all of the things you did before by shopping the ProteinWise website and looking through our wide variety of options all at the most affordable price online.