Things to Do to Prevent Snacking from Getting Out of Hand

Things to Do to Prevent Snacking from Getting Out of Hand

Make yourself feel fuller longer with the right nutrients.

If you love to snack, you’ll want to make them count. Rather than grab anything that’s available, choose wisely. A snack packed with protein provides you with a great deal of nutrition and sustenance to last you quite a while. You’ll feel less hungry once mealtime arrives.

Making Sure That Snacking Doesn’t Take Over Your Life

It’s easy to plan snacks when you’re at home but can be harder when you’re away from your kitchen. Lucky for you, ProteinWise makes eating a high protein diet effortless. Many of our snack options are individually wrapped and portable, making them easy to carry with you wherever you go.

Here are things you can do to prevent snacking from getting out of hand:

  • Sip on water. People often mistake thirst for hunger. Water is a no-calorie beverage option that fills you up while simultaneously helping your body function better. It flushes out toxins and lubricates joints. It aids respiration and can even be used to assist with weight loss.
  • Choose a high protein snack versus one full of carbs. It’s not how much you eat, it’s what you choose to eat in the first place that matters. Before you munch on cookies or candy, think about how much value a high protein bar or bag of protein chips delivers. It staves off hunger and provides your body with a ready supply of the macronutrient.
  • Get up and walk. If you spend time at a desk job, it’s easy to snack too much. The next time the urge to eat strikes, get up and move. Distracting yourself with exercise allows you to burn calories rather than gorge on them. It also gets you out of your head by giving you a purpose. Chances are that once you reach your desk again, your craving will be gone.
  • Give yourself a 15 minute window of waiting time. By extending the amount of time you take to snack, you’re telling your brain that you can overcome temptations. You’re allowing your mind and your body to connect to see if you really are hungry. You may be feeling bored or emotional instead. Once you tap into those feelings, you’ll find out that you weren’t hungry at all but instead were having that craving from something completely unrelated. 

By investing in high-quality snacks packed with protein, you’ll avoid eating too much of the wrong thing and have the better option readily at hand. You’ll feel full faster and longer. No longer will you feel the urge to buy from the vending machine or convenience store, either, because you’ll have taken the time to plan out your day.

Stay Stocked Up with ProteinWise

Keeping a large quantity of ProteinWise products on hand is easy. We ship to your doorstep so all you need to do is pick out the snacks you want to try most. You’ll find many of the options come in portable packaging which allows you to take a serving to work, while running errands, or for after that hard workout at the gym.