How to Prepare for the Holidays While Sticking to your Weight Loss Goals

How to Prepare for the Holidays While Sticking to your Weight Loss Goals

How to Prepare for the Holidays While Sticking to your Weight Loss Goals

Proteinwise wants you to be well equipped with meaningful advice and protein-packed meals and snacks to choose in place of fatty, salty, sugary foods, and beverages.

When you think about the holidays, what comes to mind? Is it family? Food? A combination of the two?

Although this year’s celebration may look very different from ones of the past, one thing is certain. You’ve worked too hard to lose the weight to give up now. You need to have a plan going into the holidays that allows you to stick to your diet and accomplish all of the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

Your Guide to Getting Through the Holidays Fit and Healthy

To help you get ready for the occasion, we’ve created a short guide for you to reference. It has tips and tricks for getting through the holidays without packing on extra pounds. It’s an effective way to approach dieting when everyone else you know is dining on foods that don’t align with your weight loss journey.

Here is how to prepare for the holidays while following your weight loss plan:

  • Arrive at an event after you’ve already eaten. You won’t feel pressured to eat because you’ll have already done so before. It allows you to exercise portion control and select only the foods at the party that won’t throw your diet off track. No one will be wary that you’re dieting because they’ll just assume that you’re not that hungry.
  • Politely decline off-limits foods. It’s all about making the right choices. There are some foods that you can avoid completely. Others you can enjoy without guilt.
  • Sample smaller sizes of foods and beverages. Moderation is essential. If you decide to indulge, pay close attention to how big the sizes of food you consume are and it may be wise to bring your premixed drinks. Proteinwise has many protein-packed options to choose from. Just pour your drink into a holiday glass and no one will even know.
  • Offer to bring a meal of your own to share. You can eat more of what you want to eat that way. Other people can sample some of the delicious foods that you’re used to eating. They may find protein-rich options that they’ve never had before.
  • Drink lots of water. Clear, refreshing water is calorie-free and very filling. It’s essential to drink lots of H2O so that you feel like eating less. Water helps you feel energized so that you’re able to get through your holiday rush with ease.

Taking time to think things through before the holidays arrive is highly recommended. It allows you to mentally and physically prepare for the constant barrage of holiday food and beverages that others offer to you. It also helps you develop a plan for dealing with stress so that you don’t feel like eating to comfort yourself.

Be a Picture of Good Health and Wellness Going into the New Year

A weight loss program doesn’t need to be a burden. It’s your ticket to better health and happiness. As you’re making holiday preparations this year, consider preparing in advance for the meal and snack portion of the celebratory season. By arriving at dinner with your own protein-rich dishes and desserts, you’ll feel less tempted to indulge in the things that get in the way of your health goals and end the evening feeling proud of yourself.