High Protein Snacks Your Kids Will Love Too

High Protein Snacks Your Kids Will Love Too

Give your children nutritious options to snack on.

If you’re looking for ways to eat healthier as a household, giving up sugar, fat, and excess sodium is a great place to start. Focusing on the snacks you and your family eat allows you to reduce calorie consumption, up protein intake, and better control your finances thanks to portion control. Your family will also have a supply of healthy snacks to choose from that they can take with them on-the-go because of individually wrapped servings.

The Right Selections to Meet Your Family’s Individual Tastes and Needs

ProteinWise sells a wide variety of product options in flavors that you and your children love. You can mix and match items to ensure that everyone is completely satisfied with your choices as well. Some of the products that we carry come in variety packs that allow you to sample several flavors before committing to a favorite.

Options for Your Consideration

Some high protein snacks you can share with your kids include:

  • Protein Bars. Unlike candy bars, which are full of excess calories, fat, sugar, and sodium, protein bars taste great and are packed with protein. Among the most popular products we sell, there are many brands to choose from as well as a range of flavors to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. The bars are mess-free and easy to put in a bag or backpack, too, making them a quick and convenient snack between school and sports or dance practice.
  • Pea Protein Snacks. Crunchy and satisfying, Pass the Peas products come in kid-friendly flavors such as Dill Pickle, Maple Bacon, and Smoky BBQ. Non-GMO, packed with protein, and low-calorie, each bag makes a great snack for children and adults. You’ll want to order several bags of these because they’ll be hard to keep around. Your kids will ask specifically for them as a snack option.
  • Cookie Bites. Sweetened with Stevia, these hard-to-resist sweets are ultra-satisfying. They come in boxes of eight individual packages and flavors such as Red Velvet, White Chocolate Macadamia, and Birthday Cake. Each cookie is only 88 calories and filled with over 8 grams of protein making them a great substitute for high-calorie cookies, snack cakes, and candies. Individual packages are available for sale too if you want to try each flavor before deciding to buy a full box.
  • Kay’s Naturals. This product line offers a wide variety of snacks. Choose from Cinnamon Toast Pretzels, Chili Nacho Chips, or Almond Delight Puffs. No matter what flavor you choose from, all Kay’s snacks have 12 grams of protein and are packed with fiber. They are Non-GMO, gluten-free, and even more, they are low in net carbs. Your kids are sure to find a new snack and they won’t even know they are healthy for them. If you aren’t sure what flavor they will like, you will want to start with our Kay’s Naturals 19-count variety pack.

This is just a few of the options that exist at ProteinWise. Many of our products are perfect for the whole family. No need to hide the snacks from the kids anymore!