5 Tips for Getting Enough Protein While Traveling

5 Tips for Getting Enough Protein While Traveling

Plan ahead so you can enjoy an ample amount of the macronutrient wherever you go.

If you love to travel, it might be a challenge for you to eat right while away from home. It’s very easy to feel indulgent while on vacation or in a place where everything seems to focus on food. If you don’t want to take a chance of overeating or not feeling energetic due to not eating the right foods, there are things you can do to prepare for the experience.

Protein Provides You with the Fuel Needed for Exploration

One is to make sure that you’re getting plenty of protein to help see you through the long days of exploring and sightseeing. The macronutrient fuels your body, helps stabilize blood sugar, and makes you feel full longer. That means that hunger pangs don’t need to interrupt your planned activities while on your journey.

Ways to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Protein Away from Home

At home, you have the tools and resources needed to eat healthy. That may not always be the case while traveling. You may find yourself limited in what you can prepare on your own or even what you can buy to eat while traveling. You can, of course, prepare ahead and be creative in your approach to eating.

The following tips make it so you always get enough protein in your diet during your travels.

  • Look for restaurant menus online so you can explore your options prior to dining out. Knowing which protein-rich items await you make ordering easier. When you get ideas ahead of time you can enjoy your time with your dining partners and eliminate ordering quickly because everyone has decided and the server is waiting on you to order. When in doubt, ask the waiter or waitress for recommendations as they’re well aware of what is available to eat even if it’s not on the menu for you to see.
  • Carry protein bars and protein powder with you for easy, mess-free snacks and meal replacement options. These two items are among the most portable, satisfying, and easiest foods to consume while away from home and they require no refrigeration. Bars can be eaten on the spot and deliver a satisfying amount of the macronutrient needed to power through the next leg of your adventure, and powders can be made before heading out for the day by mixing in a shaker cup and adding ice. You can put both of these items in your purse or backpack for easy access while traveling.
  • Stay in hotels and resorts with full kitchens or microwave and refrigerator set-ups. That way, you can prepare your own protein-packed pasta or cereals. You’ll have the tools that you need to enjoy the foods that you’re used to eating. Having access to a kitchen or a few appliances saves you time and money because you’re not forced to go somewhere else at mealtime.

It can be difficult to eat well while traveling because of time constraints, limited options for buying or ordering food, and even cultural differences that cause you to question what to order. When you prepare ahead for traveling, you’re able to bring along some of your favorite protein-packed quick meals and snacks. You’re not deviating from your diet entirely or taking a chance eating something unfamiliar to you and your digestive system.