Snacking During Weight Loss, Just Say YES!

Snacking During Weight Loss, Just Say YES!

This is great news for those on a diet especially when they feel that snacking between meals is considered a “bad habit”. Truth is that done right, snacking can provide many benefits that will improve your weight loss efforts. Because we all have such busy lives, it is all about planning ahead and making sure you choose the right snacks to fill your nutritional gaps.

Just Say Yes to These 5 Snacking Tips

1. Eat more often to keep your energy levels up and prevent hunger. The snacks you choose between meals should be a healthy balance between protein, fiber, and carbohydrates leaving you feeling satisfied and less likely to overeat at mealtime. If looking for a quick meal, you can try our oatmeal that comes in convenient single serving packets, or ready to drink protein drinks.

2. Be creative and explore the many flavors and textures available. Satisfy your cravings all the while staying true to your weight loss goals by choosing a snack that provide your body with its nutritional needs and awakens your taste buds. 

3. Control your portions by buying pre-portioned packets. Not for everyone but for most, having a bigger bag or box to eat out of leads to overindulging. Choose a low carb, high protein bag of chips or bag of cheese snacks all which come in convenient single serving packets. Take the temptation and guesswork out of dieting.                                                                                                                  

4. Plan ahead. Knowing what snacks will work for your particular diet is key to your success as well as making sure that it is handy and convenient. Stock up your home pantry, gym bag, work desk, and car. Most dieters find that they fall off of their diets due to a lack of planning. With the many convenient options available, we can be destined for success. Lack of planning on the other hand only leaves quick fix options that will sabotage your successes. Choose from the many varieties of protein bars, to go shakers, and chips. You simply won’t feel as if you are dieting.

5. If exercise is part of your weight loss program, post workout, a protein rich snack should be consumed within 15-60 minutes. Protein helps in muscle recovery and the carbs in refueling our bodies. Try and aim for a minimum of 15-20 grams of protein and that is higher in carbs. If you are on a low carb diet and you choose a higher carb snack, you will want to make sure it is high in fiber as well making them lower in “net carbs”. 

So while on your journey to better health, smart snacking, whether it be while on a diet program or for weight maintenance, can be achieved in a healthy way with a little bit of planning and a whole lot of taste.