Pass the Peas, Please!

Pass the Peas, Please!

If you didn’t love peas already, you will now! Allergen-friendly pea protein chips and pea protein snacks are among the best snacks available for you to eat. Not only are they protein-packed and delicious, they also come from a sustainable crop that is non-GMO.

You get the added benefit of eating a nutritious snack that builds muscle and helps you lose weight, too. If that wasn’t reason enough to open a bag of chips made from pea protein, nothing is!

Pea Protein Benefits Explained

There are many reasons why pea protein is ideal for everyone, especially people with food sensitivities. The health benefits are well documented as many studies have proven that pea protein contains the following amino acids and helps regulate the following processes in the body:

  • Lysine and Arginine. Both are essential amino acids with the first helping fat convert to energy and the latter build muscle thanks to its high protein content. Lysine helps cartilage and tendons stay healthy. That’s why many protein shakes contain pea protein because the people that drink them workout or lift weights


  • Control of blood glucose levels. Peas as an ingredient in meals served as food for thought for researchers at the University of Toronto. When participants ate meals containing the green vegetable, their blood sugar levels stayed lower than they did when they ate other meals without peas in them. Pea protein could benefit diabetics who have trouble with fluctuating blood glucose levels.


  • Promotes a healthy heart. Plant-based protein has been found to be healthier than animal-based proteins. Studies have shown that it may decrease the risk of heart disease as well as high blood pressure. That’s something to celebrate as cardiovascular diseases are among the top killers of men and women in the United States.

Pea protein tastes delicious and comes in many flavor varieties. It’s a safe alternative to animal-based or soy protein for people with food sensitivities. It benefits the muscles, cartilage, and tendons as well as helps people maintain good health through level blood glucose and a reduction in heart disease and high blood pressure.

If you haven’t tried it, you’ll find plenty of foods use it as a main ingredient. Peas are packed with protein & easy to digest, making them a “superfood” by any estimation.

Benefits of a High Protein Diet

Foods and beverages high in protein help energize the body, giving it the fuel it needs to power through the day. Rather than reach for carbs which turn into sugars in the body, why not choose something healthier and just as convenient to eat or drink?

Where to Get Protein-Rich Snacks, Meals, and Beverages

For protein-rich snacks, meals, and beverages, make sure to visit our website regularly. We’re always updating our inventory to bring you the widest selection of health food options available. Food should not only be nutritious, it should also be delicious. Pea protein chips are just one example of a snack that you’ll enjoy without the nasty side effects of eating processed junk foods.