Get Your Protein On the Go

Get Your Protein On the Go

3 delicious flavors of Ready Made Drinks to take to a meeting, the beach, or the gym.

With a hectic schedule like yours, you need convenience in your life. How else are you able to do everything you need to do without feeling rundown and incapable of functioning any longer? One of the easiest ways to make sure your body is getting the fuel that it needs to operate optimally is to invest in Ready Made Drinks from ProteinWise. Delicious, filling, and portable, they can be taken with you wherever you go.

Three Protein-Rich and Delicious Flavors to Choose From

The three flavors you have to choose from include Vanilla, Chocolate, Proticcino, or our newest flavor, Horchata, a traditional Mexican favorite. Each has its own satisfying levels of protein in every bottle. If you enjoy more traditional flavors, vanilla or chocolate work well for you.

If you love coffee, you may want to try our Proticcino which is like a cappuccino, rich with coffee flavors. It provides you with 15 grams of protein, while traditional coffee products have usually have no protein at all. It is fat-free, packed with calcium, and only has 80 calories per serving, too, which is a win-win however you choose to look at it.

What Makes Ready Made Drinks the Right Option for You

There are many things that make Ready Made Drinks the right option for you. For example, they’re readily available. You can purchase single bottles or buy them in bulk depending on your needs. They also come in flavors that you know you enjoy, so you’re not forced to sample new products hoping that they taste good and meet your needs for extra protein.

You should also account for portability. The best drinks are ready-to-consume, mess-free, and easy to take with you in a bag without spilling. The busiest of busy people love our drinks because they can be enjoyed outdoors at the park or beach, or in your office between meals. High protein foods aren’t often thought of as being beverages. Packed full of the macronutrient, it fuels your body in a sustainable way, unlike carbohydrates which give you a quick burst of energy. You’re able to keep going at a fairly rapid pace without slowing down when you choose protein-packed foods and drinks to consume opposed to the fat-filled, sugar-laden varieties you find at the supermarket.

The Benefits of Ready Made Drinks are Well Documented

The benefits of Ready Made Drinks are plentiful. They provide a convenient and portable source of protein that helps you power through your day. When the day’s list of responsibilities is long and the amount of time you have is short, you’ll be glad that you took the time to grab a drink that you can just open and enjoy without measuring and mixing.

ProteinWise offers the best options for you to choose from considering the busy schedule you keep. Order anytime that it is convenient for you. Our online store is here for you any day, any time.