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* This product is sensitive to heat. During summer months please consider purchasing our insulated packing to avoid possible melting. Please, also consider upgrading to USPS Priority shipping or 2-day Air as the cooler only guarantees 48 hours of protection.

Quest Hero Protein Bars are great tasting protein bars that make you think you're eating a candy bar. Packed with 15-17 grams of Protein, and only 4 Net Carbs, these bars are covered with a flavored protein coating along with another layer of sweet gooey flavored filling. Put this together with Quest Beyond Cereal Bar core and you have yourself an very chewy protein bar. Yummy!

Choose from 3 different flavors:

Chocolate Caramel Pecan, Blueberry Cobbler, or Vanilla Caramel.

4 Net Carbs are calculated with the following formula:

Total Carbs - Total Fiber - Total Allulose - Total Erythritol = Total Net Carbs

These bars say on the nutritional value that they have 12-13 Grams of Sugar but they are sweetened with Allulose.

What Allulose is?

Allulose is a "rare" sugar that is very different than "regular" sugar. It tastes like sugar but up to 100% of it passes through the body without being metabolized. It has almost zero calories (less than 0.4 calories/gram) and doesn't affect your body like "regular" sugar. Allulose is found in nature in many fruits and it's what makes Quest Hero Bars taste great without the extra net carbs and calories. 

Please see individual items for complete nutritional information.
Please see individual items for complete nutritional facts.

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