ProteinWise - VLC Pasta Variety Pack - 5 Flavors - 7/Box

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Just because you're dieting doesn’t mean that you can't enjoy a nice bowl of Fettuccini. Let Proteinwise Gluten Free Fettuccini satisfy your pasta cravings. This pasta is packed with 20 grams of protein and only 6 net carbs which makes it an ideal protein choice for any diet.  Accompany it with one of our 5 different Flavor Packs, Lemon & Herb, Asian Inspired, Tex Mex, Garlic & Herb or Tomato Parmesan to create a simple and easy meal or add some protein and veggies to create your own unique pasta dish.

Proteinwise now offers all 6 flavor packs along with the noodles in this convenient variety pack. It is the perfect way to try all of the flavors without having to purchase each flavor pack separately. After you decide on your favorite flavors, you can then purchase a box with 7 packs of that flavor.

The options are endless! Don’t give up on the foods that you love because you are on a diet. Enjoy them with our pasta!

Variety Pack Includes:

7 Fettuccine Base Mix Packs

2 Tomato & Parmesan Flavor Packs

2 Tex Mex Flavor Packs

1 Lemon & Herb Flavor Pack

1 Garlic & Herb Flavor Pack

1 Asian Inspired Flavor Pack

Product Highlights:

20 Grams of Protein per serving

Gluten Free

24 Vitamins and Minerals

*Please note that should a certain variety pack flavor becomes temporarily unavailable, a substitution may be made.



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